DEKA LOGISTICS LLC provides transport and logistics services in the field of cargo transportation by road.

The basis of the company’s truck fleet consists of isothermal all-metal road trains equipped with security alarm systems on semi-trailers and vans, door status sensors that transmit data online. Thanks to this, in any emergency situation, the notification received on time allows us to make the right decision quickly make the right decision and adjust the course of transportation.

In each case, the company’s specialists develop an optimal transportation scheme. DEKA LOGISTICS uses leading navigation systems to track the actual location of the vehicle that is being transported. If there are any deviations from the route and inconsistent stops, a notification is sent. Our clients have the opportunity to monitor the road train with cargo around the clock.

To increase the delivery speed, your cargo can be delivered by two drivers. All our cars are checked at the service station during each transit.

Taking into account the characteristics of a specific cargo, analyzing the real needs of the client and preparing the optimal transportation scheme are the main principles of DEKA LOGISTICS. At the same time, we guarantee compliance with the agreed deadlines and successfully cope with tasks of any scale and level of complexity.

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Basic services:

Organization of transportation of full truck load (FTL)

Due to our vast experience, we transport goods at the most affordable prices without loss. An important advantage of this format of transportation is the delivery of cargo "from door to door". For transportation, we use different types of road transport: tent trucks, refrigerators, low-tonnage cars, as well as platforms for transporting oversized cargo.

Organization of combined cargo transportation

This format is the best solution for organizations that want to minimize the cost of transporting goods. DEKA Logistics provides international transportation of cargo of any size and weight. In this case, the same vehicle may contain several loads from different senders, which are intended for different recipients.

Cargo delivery to the consolidation warehouse

The cargo is accepted and processed with subsequent delivery to the recipient's warehouse.

Transportation of expensive goods

We provide warranty for transportation in the CIS countries. For transit transport across the EU countries, we issue a financial warranty.

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