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The FEA provides for the movement of goods through customs. It is no secret that when crossing the border, all goods are assigned a ten-digit code in accordance with the CUSTOMS code of foreign trade. At the moment, there are several thousand codes divided into subgroups and groups. Every day a huge number of various goods cross the border. At the same time, you need to assign a code to each of them and perform this procedure correctly, since the amount of fees directly depends on the correctness of the chosen solution. The process of assigning a special code to the transported goods is called “Classification decision”. This procedure is quite reasonably one of the most difficult in the process of cargo clearance at customs.


A specific procedure for obtaining the code is not provided, since the declarant must independently set the code, then assign it to the imported goods, fixing these indicators in the Declaration. At the same time, the inspector, after studying the provided document, accepts the Declaration with the code chosen by the declarant, or makes his own decision. If the declarant has grounds for confidence in the correctness of the specified code, then he has the right to disagree with the resolution of the customs officer. In most cases, such disputes significantly slow down customs clearance, which is fraught with serious material costs. Such delays become critical when perishable goods are being transported.


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How to reduce the cost of customs duties

Assigning the correct HS code to a product significantly reduces the amount of duties and taxes. For now, their reduction is a key task for all foreign trade participants. DEKA LOGISTICS knows how to reduce the amount of duties when transporting goods from Europe, China and other countries. In addition, assigning the correct HS code will optimize customs payments. For now, this is the only effective way to reduce duties, as well as taxes and fees.

If you want to limit your own savings only by selecting the correct code according to the HS code, then DEKA LOGISTICS specialists will also help you solve this task. Experienced experts analyze all the classification rules, explanations, notes, as well as the most recent changes to them. We carefully study recommendation letters, orders, and other decisions of the Federal tax service that relate to making class decisions. In addition, we constantly analyze judicial practice in this area and carefully study other sources (scientific literature, news, etc.), which give us the opportunity to make the only correct and profitable decision for the client.


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