DEKA LOGISTICS LLC provides warehouse logistics services

DEKA LOGISTICS has a wide network of warehouses located in various regions of Russia. In addition, our organization has modern warehouse facilities in the Italian cities of Udine and Milan. The availability of such infrastructure makes it possible to significantly optimize the process of transporting various goods, making it as convenient and economical as possible for DEKA LOGISTICS customers.

Cargo storage is carried out in ultra-modern warehouses. among the advantages available to the  DEKA LOGISTICS  warehouses are worth highlighting:


The most responsible approach to storage and the use of modern technologies allows you to minimize the risk of loss of products left for storage.

Large area

The well-thought-out design of the warehouse and racks makes it possible to perform multi-level cargo storage.

Optimal condition

There is a ventilation system, as well as air conditioning.

Modern fire protection systems

Warehouses are equipped with a reliable fire extinguishing system.


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