DEKA LOGISTICS LLC  provides transport and logistics services in the field of sea container transportation.

Sea cargo transportation has a number of important features, as it has an international status a priori. Sea cargo transportation in the Russian Federation is most often carried out according to the following scenario:

Standard or combined cargo is carefully Packed in containers that are sealed. After that, the necessary transport and customs documentation is prepared. Then the prepared shipment is sent to the port by rail cars or container ships, where the containers are checked and loaded onto the ship that will follow the established route. Upon completion of sea transportation (arrival of the vessel at the final port), the procedure is performed in reverse order. Oversized cargo is delivered in the same way.

Taking into account the large number of stages of transportation, it is essential to exercise quality control over the movement of the cargo at all stages of the route, as well as during loading and unloading operations. In this situation, it is extremely important to use the services of a reliable logistics company with an impeccable reputation and sufficient experience, which will fully monitor the process of sea transportation, provide warranty for the safety of the shipment, as well as issue a really working insurance.

International sea transportation is most often used for transportation of finished products for commercial and industrial purposes. They have a number of typical features that allow you to evaluate the feasibility of using this format of cargo delivery in each case.


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Key advantages


Sea transportation is carried out in a relatively safe environment. Any force majeure circumstances occur less frequently compared to the use of road and other modes of transport.

Affordable price

Compared to road and air transportation, shipping by sea containers is more economical.

Observance of terms

Cargo transportation by sea is carried out on pre-established routes. Of course, the transport may be a little late due to a storm or various technical failures. This happens rarely, but it is not recommended to send perishable products in this way.

Developed infrastructure

The most important advantage of sea cargo transportation is its compatibility with other delivery methods.

Transportation of any cargo

The size and capacity of the ship makes it possible to easily accommodate cargo of almost any size and type. Sea transport is suitable for transporting bulk, liquid, as well as bulky and many other types of cargo. Sometimes sea transportation is the only possible solution to an existing logistics problem.


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