DEKA LOGISTICS LLC provides customs clearance services

During our work, we have accumulated a huge experience that allows us to successfully solve the most complex and non-standard tasks for the registration of a wide range of goods at different customs offices. We are sincerely grateful to our clients for successful cooperation and are open to constructive dialogue.

Customs clearance provides for the implementation of a full range of actions that are necessary for the legal movement of products across the border. This is a fairly complex service that should be entrusted to professionals! Specialists of DEKA LOGISTICS help to carry out export and import clearance, carry out temporary export/import procedures, as well as introduction to the equity capital and other non-standard customs procedures.


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Stages of customs clearance of cargo:

  • Correct choice of the code or classification of goods according to the CUSTOMS code of the EEU;
  • Establishment, reception, and verification of permits;
  • The establishment of the customs value of products;
  • Declaration of goods;
  • Defrayment of payments, duties and other mandatory customs payments;
  • Comprehensive protection of the client’s interests in matters of customs value;
  • Performing all necessary operations as a customs representative, without any involvement of the client;
  • Providing responses to requests from customs authorities;
  • Checking the correctness of providing documentation after conditional release;
  • Rebate of collateral, as well as extra customs payments;
  • Other procedures related to customs clearance.

What documents are required for customs clearance?

The list of documents that are required for customs clearance of cargo may change depending on its type, state of import and export, tasks of moving goods across the border, transportation conditions, and other factors.

All customs, transport and commercial documents must be submitted for customs clearance. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult to collect such a package of papers yourself. Moreover, the solution to this problem requires a lot of time and resources.

DEKA LOGISTICS has extensive experience in customs clearance in compliance with the existing regulations. Therefore, we guarantee with full confidence high quality of our services.

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